Thursday, July 21, 2005

win 1000 beers

Came across while having a very nice burger and beer at a local pub.

For Adelaide people - The Grace Emily, where the Adelaide Comic Community has its monthly drinks on the first saturday of every month, is having an art compeition. For $10 you get a beer and a canvas and the idea is you do a portrait of some one related to the Grace Emily (I'm not sure what the means).

The prize is 1000 beers.

So I'm hoping come August 6th, all the adelaide comic artists will crowd the front bar drawing the poor bored looking lanky bloke who has to open the bar early for us.

And if you win, it'll be your shout.


Anonymous said...

so... the prize is cirrhosis of the liver. very tempting.


Mike Hell said...

does Simon Magill still go to these? Could you ask him to email 'Mike' if he does - he has my address