Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Cons and other stuff

Milking the whole con thing abit more
Dillon Naylor talks about his Armaggedon exploits, though con reports with spelling mistakes is my thing!

More piccies here
Including this shot which doesn't bring the darkness. (I'm changing my name to Mark Selan! - paying homage to blue hair girl)

The previous link was from Comic Lifestyle, which recently had an article about Silent Army in the classroom.

and then finishing where we started - 3D batrisha cartoon, with a rumour, that i made up, that Bud Tingwell will be supplying the voice of Batrisha (or it could be Bill Hunter) (i didn't know Bill Hunter was going to be in the Batrisha cartoon though).

Mood - Hope i find something new to blog about soon


Anonymous said...

Dude. Blue-haired girl is on my LJ friends list! O_O

Also, Leigh = awesome.

- Komala

douglasbot said...
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douglasbot said...

Coincidently she is also incredibly cute.

dillon said...

i didn't even know about those other photos. i was too busy trying to work my camera.

and the caption "dillon naylor from australia ?" i never realised that rhymed before.