Thursday, April 14, 2005

77 hours of Supanova; Day one (friday) - Part 3

Yes, apparently Carissa screamed an obsenity at me for driving past - she cursed me, she cursed me hard.
"Mark you mother fucking arsehole!"

But i wasn't driving. Weber was driving. I am innocent of all charges. But such is life.
Carissa apologised as she and Nicola clambered inside the Starlet of Swoosh. (for more information about the Starlet of swooh please read my interview with Weber in Ozcomics 3 or 4 - buy them both and them look).
I introduced myself to Nic and then did the name passing between Weber and the girls, sorry the ladies. We drove towards the city and the girls, sorry ladies, tempted us with offers of free booze. Me and weber had contemplated going to the fringe bar that night for drinks (of corse this decison was proceeded by the Selan and Weber Cha Cha.) Now free booze was quite tempting so me and weber cha cha'd ever so briefly and then succumbed. The Starlet of Swoosh got stowed in a park just down from the hotel and we ambled in.

I stayed at the Carlton Crest in 2003 and it was nice, the hightlight of that trip was Sauna club -which is not talked about (it was a bunch of half naked tubby pasty blokes in a sauna WITH BOOZE!!! - secrets revealed here at saveded!!).

It only dawned on me recently but Carissa talks like a female version of Christopher Walken working a phone sex job. Only difference is phone sex operators don't interrupt you as much - well so i've heard.

Anyway we sat down on comfy lounge chairs and drank beer and chatted. I met Neil, the organiser of the New Zealand's Armaggedon, i think some voice actor (they all look the same, these voice actors, that i can never remember their names - so i'm going to call one "Tim Tam" and the other "Strokes bass player "(sbp)) , Karen who runs hub productions with Carissa (they are so lucky they make a living being geeks) and some other people.

We saw baby boba get in a lift, baby boba was buff, baby bob built muscle. But stories told baby boba was a brat, baby boba was a bit big for his britches but he had balls for bailing up ladies looking for three way bang bang action. But we all laughed at baby boba, nic jiggled boosies at baby boba as the lift doors shut. We laughed some more.

By this time ben and karen turned up, which was good because i was supposed to ring them to tell them what was happening tonight, but baby boba, boosies and booze made me forget. It was hitting dinner time, so we had a big old cha cha session, dancehall style. Weber became the man when he deemed we were all going to MacGooleys, an irish pub down the way. We all followed his awe. people couldn't wait to get to macgooley's, everyone would feel so good when they got to macgooleys, hanging out around macgooleys is so comforting and relaxing.

There were 9 of us, which is quite a few but macgooley people now when too make an effort. They knew they had some guy who did the voice in some cartoon, they knew they were in the presence of two ledger award winners, they knew they were in the presence of people who had meet other people who were in movies and stuff. Well maybe they didn't - maybe they had a half empty resturant, maybe i wanted to make cheap shots at myself and others. Maybe i don't know what i'm doing.

Here's a poem.
My steak was a bit overcooked
As you grilled it, didn't you look?
But i did very much like the risotto
and with a full belly i got blotto

There's nothing better than pints of Kilkenny with hearty meals. We chatted stuff, me and karen talked about ledger awards, she mentioned there was supposed to be a downloadable certificate. Which is all fine, but i would prefer a bronzed rib (it doesn't have to peter's). I talked with Neil about how Armeggedon is run (free artist alley tables!!!!) and of course about facial hair.
Neil had a decent beard, quiet manly.
i have trouble growing sideburns, when i don't shave for a couple of weeks i look like a 14 year old kid (or a 40 year old woman). So i'm quite jealous of the facial hair wearers. Tim Tam talked US politics and apologised for bush, profusely.

We ate up, drank up and paid up and warbled back to the hotel. i actually don't remember much more. Nic chatted to Weber, i chatted to Karen and Ben. We bought rounds of over priced booze. We should have stayed at macgooleys, macgooleys were cheap, everyone could have drunk freely from the spoils of macgooleys.

i think we bailed just after pumpkin hour and headed back to casa de weber.
We pushed the sofas together, i spread out the sleeping bag, said goodnights, turned out lights, dropped trou and tried to get to sleep.


The sofii were too short to lie out stretched without dangling uncomfortably, going diagonal over the two caused problem due to the raised lumbar support in the middle of my "bed", causing my back to bend wrong. Added to this Brisbane is humid, bloody humid. So much so, that the synthetic casing of my sleeping bag, mixed with the "leather" of the sofa was causing a lot of condensation of sweat to appear around my ears and neck. this was not working out and i needed sleep.
i tried listening to MP3 player, to calm me down - i get quite anxious when i can't sleep "On my god i'm only going to get 4 hours sleep oh shit i'm going to be fucked up, shit shit shit fuck shit, oh no, now its 3 hours and 50 minutes before i have to get up, damn, shit......"
Music didn't help.
i ditched the sofa and went to ground.
i still had no pillow, but i rolled up my smoke smelling jeans and made do. Music calmed the goofy beast. I, of course, listened to the lucksmiths, their new album specifically. I like knowing the words, just in case there is some sort of accident, i can jump in and fill in.

"Oh my god, Chuck D got crushed by a falling piano, quick Mark can you fill in?"
Bass how low can you go?
Deathrow? what a brother now?"

be prepared.

thank god, i feel asleep.


Tonia said...

Finally - I was waiting for the Mark Selan Poetry Experience.

douglasbot said...

The poetry is so magnificent it dissapeared? It's an avant garde peice maybe. Minimalist?

Friday (Part 3) we rested.

The Frase said...

THAT is one of the best stories I've EVER read!

Anonymous said...

Ummmmmm that's Bill not Neil.

And Christopher Walken ?


Mark Selan said...

yeah, female walken!!

then who is Neil?