Thursday, January 31, 2008

"Seinfeld fanfic" "Seinfeld?" "Seinfeld Fanfic" "Fanfic?" "That's what I'm saying"

For some reason I had the notion that every month this year I'll post up a script; in attempt to lead a slightly more creative life. Sometimes it'll be comic script, sometimes it won't - its all out there in either case. Because, i only came up with this notion recently I didn't have anything new, so I dusted off an old script I did at university.

At the time i was immensely proud of it, it did get some praise which helped but with hindsight I'm slightly embarrassed that I wrote a Seinfeld script around poo jokes (in my defense it was written around the time Something about Mary got released).

And its based on a true story.

I slightly cleaned up some spelling mistakes and language but essentially from 1998 here it is (DOC, 77k).


LFW said...

strange, some of these scenes youhave written seem to have been jokes from actual episodes, or maybe you've somehow managed to perfectly capture the essence of seinfeld, in which case you are a wicked writer sir and I tip my hat to you.



Mark Selan said...

A shiver of dread ran down my spine at your comment "Did I rip off sienfeld jokes? Fuck!" I did do a comedy film where i ripped off 3 Woody Allen jokes, but i was so careful about the Seinfeld script to keep it as close to the spirit of the show without rehashing the cliches.

If anyone actually spots a rip off let me know, so i can sleep at night.

LFW said...

sorry to freak you out man, what I was meaning was that while reading your script, I could see what was happenning visually quite clearly in my minds eye, that almost never happens to me.

Is it just me imagining these things so clearly that it's false de ja vu? or were all the jokes and scenarios you've written similar-type of jokes littered through the series? (e.g. georgie boy song get stuck in the head, Jerry getting george to stand guard at the toilet, Kramer freaking out with the shoe flashbacks) I totally can't tell, you have written it that well sir.

sorry to make you doubt your non pilfering ways. I don't think it matters anyway.