Thursday, January 24, 2008

nakedfella and nonstinking fella podcast

Indie comic creators (the good interesting kind) David Blumenstien and Ben Hutchings do a witty intelligent podcast talking about the scene, conventions and each other.

Things I agree with

  • I think that there are enough talent to warrant some sort of awards/recognition
  • Some nerds get a little bit too excited at conventions
  • charging more than $6 for a 32 page comic is idiotic
  • Pop culture conventions are nor for comics

Things I don't agree with
  • Trudy Cooper isn't the only decent writer in the country, there's the guy who does Nakedfella
  • $200 is a fair price for a table in artist alley
  • People who reverse their cars into parallel carparks (not actually relevant to the podcast, but i'm just saying is all)


Douglas... said...

What an extremely well cast pod. Here is hoping for more.

Is it my imagination or does it cut off abruptly at 10 minutes.
(Maybe my download corrupted)

LFW said...

man, this podcast is so uncharacteristic of david Bluemenstein and ben hutchings, the way they seem to just dismiss the majority of half decent talent seems so uncharacteristic of how I know these guys normally (the fact that they didn't even mention peeps like doug and others as both good writers and a good artists). I'd like to see these guys get other creators in to talk.

However, I 100% agree with their assesment of geeks, nerds, and the mundaness of of supanova.



Mark Selan said...

doug - it goes for about 22 minutes. It is quite good, almost as good as the one IIIIII'mmmmmm involved in.

LFW - I think it may be that they haven't really kept up with the majority of comics around and the really good people like yourself and doug and others aren't really making comics for the australian scene anymore

Douglas... said...

I need to try downloading it again!

I agree it WOULD be good to expand it (if they do it again) but this is as they said only podcast #0. An excellent start. They have a great dynamic (Although not of course in anyway as great as the dynamic Mark has with himself on HIS podcast.)

LFW said...

mark has a podcast with himself? when did that happen? sounds dynamic. I thought that he usually did it with mags, steve and komala.

damn, I must listen in on this new podcast.

Doug-you and I should do a podcast about the dumbness of some podcasts out there, we'll call it "the podcast podcast."



Mark Selan said...

Doug - all the porn you download is sucking up all your bandwidth.

LFW - doug is referring to the podcast with Komala and Maggie (with guest starts Practice). Because he doesn't know about my solo podcast where i hum popular songs, I abandoned that ages ago. I'd call your podcast the Cast Poo Podcast

Anonymous said...

Hello guys

David here.

Maybe L Frank didn't intend specifically to use the term "half decent" talent, but I'm picking up on it because I do feel that a lot of what we see around here IS "half decent" as opposed to "awesome".

I did not have a list of great local comics creators nearby when we were recording so I didn't mention all their names (also, I'm concerned if I mention lots of names, the people whose comics I don't mention will figure out why and hate me for it).

That said, here are a few great comics writers off the top me head:

Gerard Ashworth
Jo Waite
Nicki Greenberg
Mandy Ord
Patrick Alexander
Ben Hutchings
Glenn Smith
Dean Rankine

That's not all of them.

I think Doug's art is great but I have to admit I've rarely had a chance to read any of his comics stories. One I did read was the one about Laika but I had trouble with that because I'm verbal and lack patience for stories without words (this MY problem, not his). I see that Doug's in an exhibition at Boroondara Town Hall later in the year so I will probably come by and say g'day.

The only thing I've read of Frank's is his ye olde Crab Allan book which was a very impressive accomplishment. I haven't really chatted with you in years so I don't know what you're doing now. Your art, also, is brill.

Mark is right in that I'm mostly aware of what I see in Melbourne and what I encounter at Supanova/NYWF. Which is not everything. Haven't seen anything supergreat lately although a couple of those Local Act books look OK.

Anyhow, thanks for the nice comments. I think we're recording another one tomorrow, probably won't be any longer though (I edited over an hour of boring talk out of the first one).

David B