Sunday, January 06, 2008

Irony is owning a spoon factory and dying at a fork in the road.

I've been quiet again. Having to work through Xmas while its nice and everyone else gets a break means i'm not really into the whole computer thing too much out of work hours. So in my time off i've been playing heaps of Xbox and talking about comics to random strangers.

Even though i'm working and its miserably hot the whole festive season was pretty good. XMAs was spent with family, my annual batch of ice cream went down really well (though my ice cream maker is now broken). NYE was probably the best for awhile (really low key and relaxed) and I spent New Years day watching De La Soul put on a good show.

On saturday we had the monthly Panels and Gutters comic drinks at the Grace Emily. It was a small turn out of about 15 people, with many scared off by the heat. It was an enjoyable afternoon with some art shown and irony defined.
Peter from Pulp Fiction Comics puts money on a tab for discounted drinks but with the smaller turn out there was $30 left over. That's 7 shots of tequila, bar keep.
Em had joined us and was enjoying white wine spritzers but on Dan's insistence she got a shot and a lemon wedge. Seven upturned glasses and 6 lemon rinds later (i ate mine) we were off. A bunch of us went back to Dan and Claire's in an attempt to see if our old couch (that i'm not allowed to sell), fits in their flat. We stopped of at the bottlo and while Dave suffocated in the boot I had this exchange with Em
Em: Can you get something for me to drink?
Me: Sho, white wine? Rose?
Em: I don't knoooow
Me: Gin? You can throw the empty bottle at me
Em: Can we get some tequila?
Me: Ok, how about this one?
Em: Get the one with the scorpion in it!
Me: Its twice the price and not actually tequila
Em: Its got a scorpion in it!
Me: Ok

30 minutes later, 2 shots later
Em: Its not thaaaat nice
Me: Try it with lemonade

10 minutes later
Em: Do you want to finish my lemonade?

So I spent the evening drinking beer and mezcal as well as pub squash and mezcal mixers, cursing the scorpion. We watched Dan's old skate videos (including a protracted poo eating sequence), guitar heroed, planned road trips and ate decent pizza. It was a good night.


LFW said...

damn, that's a lot better than mine, I just felt up old ladies and got soaking wet from the rain, preceeded by sitting at home all day watching TV.

And it's amazing that you got 15 people to the comics drinks. The largest we have ever had is around 5.

cheers to you and happy new year

your pal


Owen Heitmann said...

It was a very good night indeed.

What did you buy if it wasn't really tequila?

Mark Selan said...

lfw - thanks dude. I think the cheap drinks and the cool setting helps getting people to the drink ups. Plus we are all awesome.

Owen - We were drinking Mezcal same plant different distilling process