Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Very few jokes using the term 'seamen' really work

Yesterday, I was lucky enough to go sailing. I'm not sure why, but for awhile I've been wanting to learn to sail, it could because of the Season One finale of OC where Seth sails away or it could be yearning to be as one with the calm ocean, a willing servant to the beck of the weather.

So once B found out of my desire, he organised to go out on his dad's 36 foot sailboat. With my phone stowed away (that's sailor talk for stored away) i wasn't able to take photos but it was kinda like this;

Mick, the captain who had spent the previous night on the boat, doing it 'full Bruce Willis style, gave us a quick run down of how to deal with the ropes, mixing up clockwise and anti-clockwise to hilarious results.

B, piloting the boat whilst i furled the head sail, pulled the main sail and passed around the Pizza Shapes.

The other Mick, Michael, moors the boat after sailing back into harbor.

Then we had some drinks.

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Moby Dick said...

HO HO HO, matey