Monday, May 08, 2006

free comic day photos

the shop
Seeing as Pulp Fiction Comics is about the size of most Service elevators, it gets packed when more than 10 people visit.
crazy lyrca fool
I've never sen lyrca flap in the wind before
Holy nerdbait
Robin at Work
Holy underage drinking
Robin at Play


Owen Heitmann said...

Useless trivia: That very intent looking carrot-top in the foreground of the first photo is in fact none other than Connell Wood, the man behind the sporadically updated Plufim webcomic (

LeBitch said...

"I've never sen lyrca flap in the wind before"

And I've never wanted to get busy with Robin before. Til now. :)


Mark Selan said...

Owen - i can never remember his name, but thanks

Maggie - well, that's Sarah - ; artist of Pretty Zomvbie and The Bear and the vampire; which i'm TRYING to get into Phasetwo.