Tuesday, May 02, 2006


At saturday's Grates gig (it was good - i couldn't dance satisfactorily on my 'broken' toe though and it was a tad crowded with gawkers but still enjoyable) i had this conversation

Girl 1 - do you know where the ATM is?
Brett - if you go down the stairs and into the courtyard there's a cash machine there
Girl 1 looks quizzical, Girl 2 more so
Mark - Yeah, just down the stairs turn left and follow the building around the corner
Girl 1 - but where is the ATM here?
i look around
Mark - I don't think there is one
Girl 1 - oh
Mark - but don't worry, you're pretty girls you can find boys to buy you drinks
Girl 2 - Will you buy us drinks?
Mark - ....
Mark - um
Mark - no
Brett - That's cold
Mark - if we were single
Girl 1 (mishearing) - how do you know we aren't single?
Mark (pointing at Brett) - no i meant 'we', we're not single
Girl 2 - oh
Girl 1- oh

Girls walk off

Mark - i think i just went asshole
Brett - yes, and you just fagged us

did i?


Brett said...

Man - knew I should never have given you grief about that bruise...

I can't recall sayin' 'you fagged us..' it's not a terminology I use...I did however say something detrimental about your behaviour.

on the asshole note the bouncer ruined my night...

After buying beers, no longer than 2 minutes had elapsed and this conversation occurs..

Bouncer: You guys taking your sweet time with those beers?

M: (Looks agog)

B: We just bought them

Bouncer: Yeah but you look like your taking your sweet time, and we are trying to move people out.

I have no idea if he was joking or serious but it shit me...

Mark Selan said...

the guy was a fucktard, didn't he know you can't skull pale ale.

and i'm allowed to take artistic license, its my blog.

Mark Selan said...

oh yeah - scarfe!!