Monday, May 01, 2006

Supanova , Day +1 (Watch Mark run)

My plan was to walk up early, go into the city, buy something nice for Emma, catch the train to the airport and fly home.

I slept in, I missed the train, I got off at the wrong station, I kept walking in the wrong direction or walking past where I wanted to be, bought the first thing I saw. Somehow I was able to get from Roma st station to Queen’s street mall (the far end) and back to Roma st in 30 minutes.

I barely made it to the airport and because of a backpack accident have a massive bruise on my arm which is ugly as.

And that was that.

highlight - making the flight
lowlight - i mentioned to a woman on the train "you've got some white powder on your shoulder and back". She tried brushing it off and when she was unsucessful with getting it off she gave me the most completely disdainful look i ever recieved. And the bruise.

not jelly wrestling related
(photo taken a week after the event)

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Tonia said...

Ouch! So between that and the broken toe you are really suffering for your art!