Sunday, March 05, 2006

Panels and Gutters

Yesterday we had the monthly Panels and Gutters Adelaide comic drinks at the Grace Emily sponsored by Pulp Fiction Comics. It was a good turn out, a solid 15 - we've had more but it was quite hot and the fringe is on but it was a good average. We had a bbq in the beer garden but sadly there was no grease fire this time. EVERYONE was asking about 24 hour challenge which is good but jeez put the pressure on - i was hoping to go camping that weekend or go to the McClaren Food and Wine weekend. I think i'm out but they just pull me back in.

I spoke to Peter about the challenge and he's keen so that's good. Otherwise it was a good meet, i'm tempted to contribute to the associated zine after being inspired by the work in Fist full of comics #2 and looking at people's work (Clare and lucas's stuff was really good).
I'm hoping Datsun T. will be doing one of my scripts but he may be just polite. After 3 months i finally sent it to him this morning. He did say he can do 120 panels in a day - which is just ludicrious - unless he means a day on Mars or something.

As always looking forward to the next one.

i just a thought from an old and grumpy man - there is nothing that turns me off on someone who exclaims "I'm so drunk" repeatedly and loudly. Especially at 4 in the afternoon. Its a sure way of being put in my wanker file. i'm just saying is all, I'm not talking about you. Honest.

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