Thursday, March 09, 2006

24 Challenge Poster Competition

Regardless of the format of the challenge, it still needs a poster.

So let the Poster competition begin!

What you have to do-
Create an A3 poster

  • which includes the date; Queens' Birthday Weekend June 13th
  • the logo (
  • A space for the sponsors (roughly a 300 x 150mm area)
  • the year- 2006
  • It will be colour but it has to print well in Black and White
  • And the title which at this stage is the OzComic 24 hour Challenge but the OzComic part may be replaced by another name
The winner, as chosen by the 24hour challenge organisers, will win $100 worth of comics and graphic novels from Pulp Fiction Comics.

Deadline is 27th March 2006

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