Monday, March 27, 2006

I had toast on sunday

Friday - Went with Brett to see Darren Hanlon at the Jade Monkey. It was a nice humid night so we drank in the beer garden while the support act played. Usually candle record support bands are good but not this time. Adelaide had a good buzz, with the the clipsal race in town, though there were too many bogans with no shoes for my normal tolerance, but its nice when the streets are packed and people are having fun.
Darren did a good show, although it was a bit toned down. Highlight was some 15 year old kid proposing to his girlfriend during the show; what was funny about it was that proposing after a song that has the lyrics "they say we are off to broken hearts" maybe not a good start but once the lass said yes and kissed the fellow a couple of times she just sat straight down and watched the rest of the show like nothing happened. Anyway, good concert and Hanlon's new stuff sounds ok.

Saturday - the mundacity of cleaning gutters and other peices of housework. The gutters were chockers with leaves and crap, and with winter coming it had to be cleaned (otherwise the gutters rust and leak and become even more of hassle, plus there's the whole fire thing) . Though in 33 degree heat and a wobbly ladder, i did about 3/4s and moved onto my other project. Our house is on a slope and under the house there's cavities; my plan is to dig out two of these cavities, knock out the wall in between, resupport the floor and have a cellar. I started it in November but got distracted by shiny objects for about 3 months but its time to get back to it. I've dug out about a trailer load so far and have got about another 2 to go. I'll then be able to move my wine collection from my mum's place before she drinks it all.

Sunday - finished the gutters, did a house clean and watched dvds.

Monday - I was supposed to go see a preview of V for Vendatta but lost the fucking ticket. Dammit.

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