Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Movies – the listing part 2

Walk the line (drive in) – though I like Cash’s music this movie was dull and predictable. Finely acted but still boring as batshit. It was like a tv movie of the week with better acting and great production design.

Land of the Dead – I’m not usually keen on horror, I don’t like the tense atmosphere and looking like a dick when I get startled. But there’s no tenseness in this flick – so it fails there but as an adventure film its fine, almost smart.

Suddenly 30 – I would have preferred if it had an unhappy ending because it ends way too sugary sweet. Otherwise the Thriller dance scene is comedy gold.

Wedding Crashers
– Incredibly funny, the only thing that kind of ruined it was Ferrel’s over-hammed cameo, plus it sagged towards the end. I find it interesting that this film and Old School have similar themes about growing up and made by the same group of guys.

House of Flying Daggers – I don’t mind saying Zhang Ziyi is hot, but I’m disturbed that I think the same about Andy Lau.

– Awesome! Except for the construction building dance scene (it reminded me of the flute playing scene in Ron Burgundy) and the white jeans.

Ghost World – Whilst I liked it the first time, it really grew on me on the second viewing. Enid character arc makes more sense and is better to watch once you know the end. It’s not quiet a tale of redemption and its not quiet a coming of age; it straddles the two as a story about self-realization. Its in my top 50, maybe.

Bruce Almighty
(TV) – at times good but mostly too hammy.

Bottle Rocket
– So well constructed and horribly romantic - almost perfect.

Aeon Flux – Free tickets, thank god. This movie left so little impression I don’t think I can recall a single scene. The last ¼ once a plot develops is bearable but weirdness for the sake of it for 90 minutes can be a bit off-putting.

Shiralee (DVD) – one of Emma’s favourites, Bryan Brown and an 8 year walk around for 190 minutes. Its not so much a movie as a mood or an art piece, its engrossing and easy to watch (even enjoyable) but hardly challenging.

Resident Evil: Apocalypse – Milla and Siena. Guns and explosions. I am easily pleased.

Brother: Takeshi Kitano is a yakuza mobster in LA. A lot of people die, violence is inflicted imaginatively, Takeshi twitches and there are obscure but beautiful long-shots. I wish the DVD transfer wasn’t shit (fullscreen – what a waste).


killeroo said...

really? I loved Walk the Line, but then I was a total ignoramus of Johnny Cash, so I guess the movie served as an intro to his music (which I love now). Ditto with Goodnight and Goodluck - these movies have served to educate me about things past - I'm a real child of the cinema - rather than read the book, I'll go see the movie :) I thought Joaquin (sp) was robbed of the Oscar and Reese really deserved it for her role.

Anonymous said...

Bottle Rocket - All the promise of the Wilson brothers... until this promise was crushed by the endless remakes and 'wacky romantic comedy about two guys who ______ and learn how to love'.


The Frase said...

Walk The Line- I kinda agree with the tele-movie feel. I thought the music scenes were amazing and I found myself covered in goosebumps on several occasions- but the rest.....? I guess I was expecting Johnny Cash to be knocking out Dinosaurs with one punch. Or walking the expanse of America in two strides... Unfortunatly I went in there wanting the Legend of The Man In Black but instead got the "rock star finds success and over induldges BUT then redeems himself" plotline that we've ALL seen in countless movies.
You saw it at a DRIVE-IN?? Thats pretty cool!

Land of the Dead- I was expecting a lot more with this aswell. Some nice zombie gore- but zombie gore alone makes a weak zombie movie.

Wedding Crashers- Vince Vaughn was The Hilarious! I don't get the Owen WIlson thing though.... I don't see it. Plus I had some real problems with the seriously fucked-up treatment of women that Owens character displays- but then we're meant to forgive and sympaphise with him at the end? Where as Vince' character was fucked up to begin with and ended up being fucked up and happy with someone else who was fucked up- well atleast thats my memory of the film- I saw it about 10 months ago..... and my dinosaur/femmo brain might be hazy..

Footloose- is indeed RAD!

Mark Selan said...

Darren - yes i like it when pop culture teaches us stuff; ww2 becomes kind of boring if you remove Hogan's Heroes

Maggie - I think something went wrong when Owen thought "Yeah, a movie where i'm a jet fighter pilot who runs for 90 minutes will be perfect for me"
But then again, Chris Owen has made some clunkers "legally blonde 2" and the one with Kate Hudson.

But Andrew Wilson needs to lift his game.

Scott - Yeah the drive-in with a heap of indian food on Valentine's day. it was nice. nothing is more romantic than reese witherspoon's chin 28m high.
You feel sorry for Owen because the music goes all sad and he looks lonely. And its ok to treat women badly if they think you are someone else. I tell the ladies i'm a jet fighter pilot dude.