Monday, March 13, 2006

me on a boat

I went with Emma to a media function, where free booze, finger food, name tags and chitchat collide. I found the representative from channel 10 and quite respectfully, while still sober, i could finally tell him to stop fucking with The Shield.
"stop fucking with the what? The shell?"
"The shield. TV show - you kept moving it around"
"oh, the shield, yeah, i never watched it"
"its good, and bring back Veronica Mars"
"oh god, that won't be back until december"
"damn, well thanks for letting me get that off my chest"
"not a problem, so what do you do?"

and the chitchat continued

The other highlight was being mistaken for the son of a high profile advertising dude, even though i was wearing a nametag and the people i was with saying "he's pulling your leg". So i just had to tell of dad's escapade at the Crazy Horse after the last executive meeting.

and i saw a dolphin


Anonymous said...

holy shit!

Really? a real live dolphin? was it, like, moving and stuff?

you're kidding


The Frase said...

Sounds like rollicking adventures on the high seas!!

Mark Selan said...

lfw - yes it was a real live dolphin and it was moving. well actually it the black of a half mooned night i saw a mass ripple in the water. I'm assuming it was a dolphin.

frase - when i'm around seamen its always fun for everyone
(i did not make any seamen jokes on the night)