Thursday, February 02, 2006

An OzGN?

The Mostly True Story of Matthew and Trim
Could this be a first; an OGN created in Australia by local talent for a local mainstream publisher? or would that be Brickdog?

This is classed as a graphic novel but not sure since I can't find any previews of pages;


G said...


Click "Internals" on the left menu.

Anonymous said...

What about How to be an Artist?

Daren W

Mark Selan said...

Gary - yeah the internals for Matthew Flinders i can get, but internals for Convicted! i can't seem to find

Daren - Wasn't "How to be an artist" serialised in DeeVee and published by Top Shelf? Whereas "Matthew Flinders" is an Original Graphic Novel, not previously serialised and by a mainstream publisher (penguin, random house, pan macmillan, harpercollins).

I'm guessing "He died with a fallefel in his hands" don't count since its an adapted work, nor luenig's stuff because that was published elsewhere (i think)

Anonymous said...

Actually the collection was published by Eddie Campbell comics. I was cheekily implying that both DeeVee and EC were mainstream Australian publishers. If you read Eddie's interview in the Journal, he makes a big deal about an Graphic Novel still being Graphic Novel even if it was published in instalments.

I was also joking ;)


Mark Selan said...

dw - i read Eddie's interview and have a response typed up but i'm going to have to reassess it because of who's reading it and i don't want to look even dumber than i actually am.

good point about what is a Graphic novel, it shouldn't matter where the material comes from to be considered as a GN.
I think what's happened but in my hamfisted manner of trying to be clever i refered to OzGN as a play on OGN, or orginal graphic novel. I way of saying is the Matthew Flinders book, the first time an Mainstream publisher (who hasn't done comics before) paid an advance to a creative team to produce a comic with a spine/graphic novel?

and are you sure your the accountant and not the lawyer up there?

is there going to be another deevee this year?

Anonymous said...

My original post was very tongue in cheek. Please don't revise any of your posts just because of who may be reading.

New DeeVee planned for September. Diamond/Top Shelf. Likey called Flange again (unless I can coem up with a better title - doubtful).

Confirmed so far:

Campbell, Chaloner, Ord, myself, Best, SLattery, Finlayson, Holgate, Tang, Hyunth, Kochalka, Brownstein, Wheeler and Fraser. Probably a few others as well. Big issue!

If you want to submit something, nows the time. June deadline. Drop me a mail.

Ian T. said...
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Ian T. said...

"Whereas "Matthew Flinders" is an Original Graphic Novel, not previously serialised and by a mainstream publisher"

It was previously serialised in a school magazine in N.S.W.

Daren, Flange has a great vibe as a title!


Ian T.

Mark Selan said...

daren - don't worry, i'm picturing us as two scholars shootin' the breeze, discussing this and that. So Mary-Ann or Ginger?

Excellent news about more DeeVee; my title suggestion is More Flange or Taste of Flange

and dude if i had half a decent idea i'd be submitting in a flash

Iant - thanks for the details. So there still needs to be a graphic novel published in Australia where an Australian publisher paid an advance. good it'll give me something to blog on the day it happens