Saturday, February 11, 2006

my shitty comics (part iii)

Brown and Sticky

Last year's effort only had a few stories, 4 to be exact, probably the most memorable feedback was from a mate who rang me up
"I read your comic"
"That was all one big injoke wasn't it?"
"um, it was still good"

Doug Holgate Super Assman features comic creator Doug Holgate's rise to fame and subsequent fall. Also features people who are like Christian Read, Tim McEwen, Jen and myself. It all centres around the movie Ghost Rider being filmed outside Doug's Apartment and Doug's bum, which is a welcome relief from always being about Doug's beard.

As always, the musical interlude, this time another Lucksmith's song, Baker's Wife. Each panel represents one line of lyric.

Kipper Comics is me essentially parodying Asutralian Comics, it was late at night and i got a bit harsh. Kipper was last year's special word that had to be inserted into each 24 hour comic. Thanks to Emma for taking the photos. And i may do some more Kipper Comics later this year because it was kind of fun. (Parodied comics include Knee Pockets, Tales from under the bed, The Watch Cassis Belli, Knight-edge, the work of Matt Huynh, Batrisha and a whole bunch of others).

It all ends with my favourite strip, which i call 'please love me colin wilson', Colin being a Melbourne based comic creator who worked on Judge Dredd, replaced Moebius on the Young Blueberry graphic novels in Europe and has done some work for Wildstorm in the US. He's also noted for breaking his back motorbiking and creating Captain Sunshine.


douglasbot said...

And the ledger for most bizzare, bordering on creepy, arse related comic goes too...

Mark Selan said...

ya mum luvved it - and you did too