Tuesday, February 28, 2006

OzComic 24 hour Challenge 2006

I had always thought I’d only organize 3 challenges and then hope someone else would have a go. After the really good showing in 2005, I considered doing a fourth, especially with the great exposure in the media drummed up by Graeme McDonald (Anomic) but when I sit down and consider what I need to do in 006 – I realize I’ve already got too much on my plate.
Last year’s challenge brought up the issues of censorship, media scrutiny and keeping sponsors happy – all issues I don’t think I can resolve in a manner that’ll keep everyone happy and still move the whole thing forward. Actually, I could probably think of something but honestly I can’t be arsed; organizing the challenge takes a lot of time and some money and both resources are limited this year with a wedding to organize, a cellar to build and publishing plans of my own. I’ve run out of professionals I can bother for stuff and I’m probably not the best person to front up for media gigs because I’m not that smart or interesting a subject to talk about. I’m a planning kind of guy not a coordinator or a communicator.
So, having spoken to Graeme earlier this year and Maggie recently – the options are few.

This coming saturday I'm chatting with Peter, the owner of Pulp Fiction Comics, because he's inetrested in taking over. I've drafted out a plan and made some notes on what he needs to do and what he needs to consider. I'm hoping he'll be able to use some of his connections to get prizes and he's willing to put money and effort into the whole thing so i'm hoping it'll have a good outcome. I'll keep you all informed.

If he backs out, scared by the size of itall, the other option is a cut down version is run; no prizes, no promotion, no polls – just 24 hours of comic creation. Of course people would be free to promote the event on other websites (madman message board, indesign message board, etc), but it wouldn’t be official because there is nothing really that official other than a date, a name and a place.

I’m really disappointed that I’ve had to come to this decision, but it’s a decision I’ve HAD to make. Whilst I’d like to be able to live and breathe Australian comics, I can’t at the moment.

I do hope that there is a 24 hour challenge in Australia this year, in whatever form it takes.


Danny said...

Hey - good luck with it. One of the biggest problems the Aussie comic book scene suffers from is apathy. Too many people expect someone else to do it and aren't willing to have a punt themselves. Let me know if there's anything I can do from my end and I'll take time out from writing my books and see what can be done.

G said...

Hey Mark,

Since I'm working freelance/at home at the moment, I can chip in a bit of help this year if you or Peter need. Just yell.

If Peter doesn't take the job, I wouldn't mind having a consider of having a go of taking over. Maybe depending on the details. That's only if Peter's not interested of course.

Tonia said...

I actually think the smaller scale option is a better one - after all the challenge just needs people willing to partipate (and maybe organise a small prize pool just by asking for donations of stuff from participants) I think the danger of someone else taking over is that it's a lot of work (and I'd hate to see the entries disappear again if the organiser gives up on it)and they might have different ideas of how it should work than the actual people participating (eg the censorship debate) - it doesn't have to grow to huge proportions, it just has to be fun and creative - you going to post about this on the boards as well?

Anonymous said...

Oh, you can bet your sweet arse there will be one no matter what. As I said, I'm happy to host it again on PF (as well as the parts thats aussiecomics did last year), and if no one else takes over, then count me in to organize at least some basic prizes and such.

Mark Selan said...

Gary - cool, it will be good to have someone based in melbourne to help out.

Tonia - i think the censorship point is pertainent, if you want prizes its something that needs to be addressed. Also, though its not likely, it is my understanding according to some Us State laws Maggie (as owner of pulpfaction) could be prosecuted for child porn. Again its really unlikely and its her choice but ... yeah. I never really liked the prizes aspect, mkaing it a competition as oppossed to a challenge but i did like the idea of making it big.

Maggie - you are the bestest - even if peter takes over, it'll be under my direction, i'm hoping he'll do the hard stuff while i shout stuff, and pulp faction will always be involved.