Monday, February 13, 2006

but to one in particular

To all the Brooklyn girls
To all the French girls
To all the Oriental girls
To all the Swiss girls
To the Italian women
To the upper east side Mombiles
To all the Jamaican girls
And to the top-less dancers
And Brazilian
To the southern belles
To the Porte Rican girls
To the stewaresses flying around the world.
To all the girls - Beastie Boys

besides shake your rump though, the most romantic beastie boy song
Ride On The Bus Into The City Everyday
I Sit On My Seat And I Dream Myself Away
I Dream I'm On An Island With That Foxy Lady Too
But When I Awaken I Must Be Mistaken I'm On Third Avenue
Won't You Take Me Away And Take Away Me
Mark on the Bus - Beastie Boys


dillon said...

got that new print up on your wall yet?

Mark Selan said...

buying a frame this week