Monday, February 06, 2006

Fringe Zine Fair

On the 25th of February, as part of the world renowned Fringe Festival, there will be a Zine Fair held just off the busy Rundle Street. Jing and myself will be running a table for the day and I’m offering to sell people’s stuff. So if you are not an Adelaidian and want me to sell your zine/work please contact me ( and we’ll sort something out. Since the table is free I’m not looking in making a commission and I can direct deposoit anything I make in to your account. I’m not looking for many copies, 5-10 should be plenty. What I don’t sell I’ll be happy to take with me to Melbourne’s Dodgy-con and Brisbane’s Supanova.

time's short so act fast


Tonia said...

Yep, I'll be sending some copies of Pirates and a few others - thanks Mark

Mark Selan said...

thanks for that Tonia- looking for others