Friday, May 27, 2005

Jedii from the past

I have yet to see that film but have been considering other jedii from celluloid history. The criteria; kick ass silent types that say 'deep' philisophical things, who don't get emotional or any nookie.

Chris and Britt (Bryner and Coburn respectively) from Magnificent Seven

Constable Ichabod Crane from Sleepyhollow; a weak jedi but he does take on Darth Maul, Dooku and Sidious

Max Rockatansky from Mad Max 2

Scott from Spartan

Scott: In the city there is always a refelection, in the woods always a sound.
Curtis: What about the desert?
Scott: You don't wanna go to the desert.
Boone from Lost

Pvt. Vasquez from Aliens

Lee from Enter the Dragon

Close calls
Dalton from Road House (except for the haybale shag he'd be Jedi)


Anonymous said...

Repressed gays the lot of them!

Mr Tang said...

Boone from Lost?!

You're crazy!

Mike Hell said...

Well, Boone and Luke have a lot in common in that they both got some nookie from their sisters...

Mr Tang said...

Touche! I was wrong to have doubted you.

Mark Selan said...

fuck! i meant Locke not Boone, but in a getting it on with your sister way, boone would count

Anonymous said...

Locke is definitely gay! And so's The Monster!