Monday, May 23, 2005

comics and the links

OzComic 24 hour comic challenge in Art Monthly

Also if any artists live in the NSW area of Hawksbury and are doing the challenge let me know, the local paper is interested in doing a piece.

About one week to go to apply for a free trip to Korea - don't make me and a korean girl cry.

Dillon adds another dimension to Batrisha

I don't usally check out many web comics, not because they aren't good, more because if i look at one, then i'll have to look at them all which means i'll never get any done. But Dean Rankine puts them in his livejournal so i don't have to make an effort.

David Tang has provided a comic on his livejournal (which he doesn't update enough)

otherwise i still haven't seen that movie yet. i'm more interested in seeing xxx2 but feel if i don't see that movie soon i will be just too far behind the cultural zeitgiest that movie has.

Secret Wall Tattoos rock.

For cool tshirts - threadless is having a sale; $10 tshirts, i bought 3 last year for $55 austraylian dollas

If you see or hear from Turps, please get her to contact me.

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