Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Instantaneous 3 - Adelaide Comic Art Exhibition

I never did get around to posting an indepth look at the pieces in last year's second Instantaneous Comic Art Exhibition and Auction, held last December. It was a classy affair where 40-50 pieces of comic art, specifically individual panels, were displayed and auctioned with the money going to a soup kitchen charity.

Here's a recap from last year, I tried to get scans of the other pieces but wasn't able to but here is mine, which now proudly hangs above someone's bed. I bought this piece by Owen Heitmann, after eyeballing the competing bidder.

The text in the scan read "He awoke to the remnants of her breakfast and his perpetual melancholy."

It follows on the emo, minimalist shtick i started with my first piece; (3 white dots on a black background).

Which leads us to the next Instantaneous exhibition - pieces are due 21st of March at Pulp Fiction Comics but you needed to pre-register first. The exhibition will coincide with Free Comic Book Day, May 6.

The hardest part for me this year is that i need to figure out how not to draw 3 panels instead of just one, as the accompanying booklet places the panel in context.

Anyway there's more information at Pulp Fiction Comics.

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