Monday, March 31, 2008

Thanks for liberally smoking

Well, i don't smoke. I don't really care if others do, I worked with all types of vile gases and dusts so second hand smoke doesn't bother me. Well, actually I do care about stinking like shit the morning after going out, but I don't really go out anymore so its a moot point.

But I am sort of interested in the way the anti-smoking brigade has pretty much been ineffectual.

Warning labels on packets of smokes - dud
Graphic images on smoke packets - dud
Graphic ads on TV - dud
Lessons at school - dud

None have really seem to have made a great differnce.

I had the idea to do a comic with John Howard thanking smokers for their tax money. The original draft was first written 3 years ago with the intent to finally publish it on No Tobacco day, but since I never actually knew when that was (Its not in my Daily Dilbert Desk Calendar) it sat on my computer. Of course it would have been more powerful with Howard still in power, with Rudd as PM smokers can say "Yeah my smoking is helping do all the good stuff!"
But in my mind MY income tax and money from my groceries goes to education and hospitals, but SMOKER's cigarette taxes goes to pay the wages of Opposition backbenchers and overseas trips.

So a slightly redrafted two pager - Thankyou for liberally smoking

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