Monday, March 24, 2008

I couldn't car less

I sold my car couple weeks back and therefore I have no car to call my own. I've owned a car since i was 17 and was pretty much always dependent on them. Truthfully, i was always wary of people who didn't drive - especially those who didn't have their license. What were they afraid of? Fear of failing? What was stopping them? Realise, that this is Adelaide, a suburban sprawled city with a lame excuse for public transport - subsequently driving is necessity. This distrust was exacerbated by working and hanging around people who would sponge lifts, constantly.

My first car was an 1976 Alfa Romeo Alfetta GT, a beautiful looking car which could move - from the lights in was mediocre but once it got over 80km/hr it picked up and handled well. Only problem was that it was essentially a italian styled red hole that consumed more cash from my pocket than petrol (an amazing 13L per 100km, which is just crazy for 1.6L engine).
I sold that to a friend - who essentially did the same, did it up and then sold it for peanuts - and bought myself a brand new car; a Hyundai.

It was pedestrian and practical but once i started in the city it was barely driven. I was spending money on registration and insurance and barely doing 500km a year. I got the calculator out and did the mathematics and realised that with the needed new tires and service, plus petrol I'd be better off sticking with Public Transport or if need be using taxis. I could do one return taxi trip to the city, once a week and still be ahead financially.

So yeah, the car is gone and i have to think ahead when organising errands for myself. So I'll be sponging lifts off my friends soon.


Anonymous said...

been there dude. You get by.


LFW said...

I KNOW! I'm usually the one you sponge off be fair you are in another city knowing no-one at the time.

btw, can I bum a lift? its for, um...stuff