Sunday, December 31, 2006

and that was the year that was

I've been relaxing and trying to keep away for the internet but i like 'year in review' posts.


Moment - the wedding
Trip - Doujicon with Team Radeliade
International Comic - Scott Pilgrim #3
Australian Comic - I'm still going through the piles of stuff i bought through the year for my Ledger review but if i had to pick one, Steve Martinez's Mojo and Fuzz got read multiple times.
TV - 24
Place - Cradle Mountain
Wine variety - Rose (i dunno, i'm getting soft)
Wine - Wirra Wirra Church Block
Album - Album that probably got the most play this year was Ben Kweller's 'On my way', but in terms of new albums Be Your Own Pet's Be Your Own Pet was probably the strongest (Sonic Youth's Rather Ripped was a return to form, same with Prince's 3121) but on a whole nothing really stood out.
Hip Hop Song - Golddigger by Kanye West
Non Hip Hop Song - Elbows by Darren Hanlon
Present - Wii
Movie - The Prestige
Concert - Go Team at BDO
Dish - Em's Spaghetti Marinara
Beer - Mythos
Purchase -8gb MP3 player/Hammer Drill
Book - Possibility of an Island by Michel Houellebecq (though i didn't get to read much)
New Skill - Welding

I worked way too hard and this year I'm pulling back with the home renovation work but that was my year.

Happy new year everyone


Anonymous said...

Hey Mark!

Happy New Year and all the best for 2007!

Agree with you on the International Comic, TV (the only season of 24 I watched from start to finish), and Movie. And our Wiis need to be friends!! :)

- Gary

Anonymous said...

happy 2007 dawg! Word.

hope it rulez for you

your pal


Mark Selan said...

Gary - Yeah, i'm working on the whole network thing and hope to touch other people's Wii, digitally soon.

And happy 2007!

LFW - not as much as i hope it totally rulez for you f-DAWG.

Anonymous said...

HAPPY NEW YEAR! All the best for 2007!

Gothqueen said...

Check out and also if you are interested in comics.