Saturday, December 02, 2006

Shit I came home with

I started with a lot more, I'm trying to figure out what i did with it all.

The gig was good and I chatted with Anthony, Louie (from midstate orange)(while I was urinating and he was waiting to take a bory) and Marty from the Luckies (i was more excited talking to him than strippers). I also now realise there's a banana in that picture - I didn't bring that home.

Dan + texta

Josh discovered this chain by the Grace, which i wore like a belt - i was ready to rumble.

This bike has been outside the railway station for 2 weeks. I didn't have enough money to get all the way home by taxi so... i improvised. This is Josh's xmas present.

Oh and a hangover.

Thanks to all those who came and enjoyed the night with me - you're all awesome.

(Does anyone remember me yelling 'anus cherries'?)


Anonymous said...

you did a good job!off course,hangover is pay back time,but by the time you get through, you'll say:cheap enough, you'd do it again and again to get as much out of thouse special moments of such experiance bla bla bla

Sarah Milne said...

I forgot to come over for breakfast! I was busy not getting up until well after lunch. I do not remember 'anus cherries' but I do remember 'dick beard'. I have a comic to prove it!

Wanted to stay later but circumstances were against it. Ah well. Love your work, man. LOVE!

Sarah Milne said...
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