Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Supanova accomadation

Since I'm the only one who is able to use the internet for non-porn uses, I've been given the task of organising accomadation for the Adelaide gang while we attend Supanova.

The convention is at Olympic park which is near Homebush.

One problem is that the hotels near homebush are booked out because the arias or some such award is being held that same weekend and whilst it would be a great opportunity to stalk Kate Derango the hotels in the area are all expensive anyway.

So we have two options; staying in the city or Parramatta.

Aarons Hotel
37 Ultimo

Aarons to Airport=12kms (about $30 taxi)
Aarons to city=1.5km
aarons to central station = .5kms
aarons to convention= 17kms (about $40)
Trains to the convention take about 30-40 minutes; cost $7.50 for a return trip and should be pretty regular (there's 3 lines we can choose from)

We can get a quad room (single beds for everyone) for $495 for 3 nights; thats $122 per person.
A single/double room is $411

The other option is Pacific International Suites - Parramatta
Corner Parkes Street and Valentine Avenue

Pacific to Airport=12kms (about $30 taxi - using trains to and from the airport is incredibly expensive so I'd rather catch a taxi or hopefully the hotel can organise a shuttle.)
Pacific to city=24km
Pacific to train station = .2kms
Pacific to convention= 10kms (about $20)
The train trip is faster at 25minutes but the trains run less regularly
The room rates for 3 nights are $498 for a triple, which means $166 and $384 for the single.

I'm guessing the city hotel would be best because we can hang out in town on the monday but I'm hoping some sydney siders can give me better suggestions.

The idea is that all the interstaters stay in the one place so we can share cabs and hang out with each other.
It would be nice if some one suggested a place to drink for saturday/sunday night so we don't spend the weekend asking "what's happening tonight?"


Cactus said...

There needs to be some order for this.
Not another After con- "What's happenning, what are people doing?"

Liz/Azahru said...

woohooo, glad someone's kicked the procrastination beast.

From what I can see I have a preference for pacific international as it definitly has parking space, Aarons seems a little vaguer on the subject

Mark Selan said...

Cactus - excellent you can be social director

liz - home page of aarons says secure parking is adjacent

douglasbot said...

Who is Kate Derangeo?

Anonymous said...

I wish there was a girl named Kate Durango. I'd use the internet to surf porn featuring her.

liz said...

Thanks for pointing that out mark just rang up it's $20 per day for parking at the place next to aarons (which is in no way asociated with the hotel). Got stung by that last time we stayed in the city - nasty parking as well in strange concrete converted buildings.

And remember the city dies on the weekend... not that I'm angling for the other option at all :)