Friday, September 08, 2006

Passionate Nomads - Launch

This is how you have a launch

Wesley Anne,
250 High Street, Northcote,
from 2pm on Saturday 9 September 2006.

The book will be launched by the distinguished explorer
Sir Richard Burton,
formerly Her Majesty’s consul at Fernando Po, Santos, Damascus and Trieste.

I remember being told that there was one comic creator who in the 90s would have launches for each of his new comics and would make his printing money back over the night from beer sales. I have no idea who told me, or who was the creator but sounds like a cool idea.

But how awesome is having a knighted explorer at the launch. I expect Pith helmets.


Tonia said...

According to one exhibition organiser up here selling comics and alcohol together are definately a good mix - people start buying and it all turns social.

Greg said...

A 185 year-old knighted explorer, no less.