Sunday, September 03, 2006

Slovenia - 2005

This time last year i was in Europe having the time of my life. I'd go back in a minute.
Between me and Em we took 800 photos; I've tried to distill down the holiday down to about 20 photos.

It seems that every family has a vineyard consisting of about 100m of vine producing enough wine for the extended family. This is the view from my cousins' place. How about that serenity?

Emma at the top of ljubljana castle. The city itself is fantastic; because of numerous earthquakes every couple of centuries there is a wide selection of architecture styles from baroque, classicist, renaissance to socialist modernism. Since previous trips they've made an effort to clean it up making it a very pretty city.

Em and lamb on the spit, done for a big family get together - em wasn't done for the family get together, she just showed up.

Me eating crumbed frogs legs. You can see that the trip was catching up with me, especially with the ability to buy pints for $2.50. After three frogs legs you proclaim you will never eat another set of frogs leg ever again because they are disgusting.

Mum's side of the family.

dad's side of the family

At an inn i started chatting with the owner about wine and he dragged me and some other family members down to the cellar where we tasted wine for almost an hour; it went from dignified (left) to undignified (right) pretty quickly.

I always get a bit emotional about Slovenia. In Australia, i don't have much in the way of family so its always so good to get back there and feel part of a family unit. The kindness and hospitality em and i got was overwhelming at times; people would drop everything to drive for hours to take you somewhere. We didn't pay for a thing, homes and beds were all on offer. A whole bunch will be coming here at the end of the year and i fear i won't be able recipricate the generousity shown to us.
But even without the family, its an awesome place, very young and hip. The bars and pubs are fun, everyone speaks at least 2 languages (tho my slovenian got better with alcohol), the women are hawt (until they hit 30 then they crash and burn) and its just spectacularly beautiful. Its wierd living next to an australian national park but still not being able to comprehend what green is compared to the green over there. Sigh.


  • Family get togethers, which always ended with the singing of country songs
  • Wandering around the old part of Ljbljana
  • the ladies

Purchase I had to carry around for the rest of the trip - a cow hide, at first we wanted horse hide but that was to expensive so we got cow instead because that's really hard to get here.

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