Monday, September 25, 2006

GQ or GeekQ?

Perusing through the latest Australian GQ, theres a 2 page article on the Conflux convention that happened 4 months back. Essentially its a 'hey check out the geeky nerds/nerdy geeks' article, concentrating on the cosplayers. Two funny quotes is a female con-goer noting that it would be really good for girls attending cons if the guys could actually tell they were being chatted up and how chicks dig the hard plastic of storm trooper costumes. on a comic front Owen and Tanya Nichools got a couple of paragraphs and quotes in talking about Storm Publishing and Nicola Scott gets a photo.

And the whole thing ends with a Simpson's Comic Shop Guy Quote.



Cactus said...

Who gives a fuck what that magazine thinks?

Mark Selan said...

one part of me thinks "what an original take on the subject" its seems like an extrapolation on the old cliche
'bam, pow, zap, comics aren't for kids anymore, they're for losers!'
and the other part thinks "man there are some freaky people in this fandom i'm a aprt of"

and you only hate GQ because there isn't as many boobies in there as Zoo (and its an extremely crappy men's magazine)

Cactus said...

I prefer my boobies nice and arty, so it's Black+White magazine for moi.

Mark Selan said...

your boobies have been featured in Black + White? nice one man!