Friday, September 30, 2005

Supanova and comics

What comics are being released at this year's Sydney Supanova?

All I know is stuff I've read at Pulp Fiction and people's blogs. So i'm probably wrong in some bits, but feel free to ask the appropriate artist where their comics are because you want to buy them.

Or leave a reply correcting me.

What will be there? Well a quick look at the Artist Alley List provides this list

Phosphorescent Comics

Essentially the only publisher in Australia not related to a kids magazine. Standard american style comic format. They have Witch King coming out later this year/early next year (but you can order it know thru Previews). I recommend Azerath, whilst the plot doesn't seem to be moving much, its an enjoyable read and the art has improved.

Happy Platinum Kitten Mourning Circle
I think this is a collection of people occupying a table selling a number of different books. Most notably Matt Huyhn's Happy Birthday Anyway and Pirotess' new anthology (that seems to have come together incredibly quick) All the Same. Also did the last Moshi Moshi ever come out? Or is All the Same really Moshi Moshi 12? Anyway Matt's stuff is gold - buy it all.

Edit (courtesy of Komala) -
HPKMC is Matt, myself, Nate Soehardi, Trudy Cooper and Arabel. Our Minions for the Day are Libbie on Saturday and Dan Douglas on Sunday.

I've been pretty quiet about it but the plan is to release Moshi Moshi 12 on top of the other two books, so I'll have three books out for Supanova.

Cult Fiction Comics Australia
Comics on CD, mainly new wave superhero types. I've never really seen their work because I'm not a comic on screen kind of guy, so i don't have much to recommend.

Batrisha/Dillon Naylor
Usually rivals Phosphorescent Comics for best decorated booth/table. I'm a big fan of Dillon's 2 Minute Noodles stuff, so feel free to annoy him and ask when the next issue is out. Funny that Dillon's stuff is probably seen by more people in the world than some of the other Comic guests but he's listed last.

Operation Funnybone
Another of the big anthologies appearing at Supanova. I've seen the cover, which looks nice and it has a whole bunch of local people doing stuff for them. Since money from this goes to charity I recommend it fully, and even if it didn't have a charity involved, it still looks like a cool book.

Mickey Moose
I'm assuming that this is Alex Major's Mickey Moose. I thought Alex was in France. Alex is an enourmous amount of fun at convention, dare him to do stuff. And he makes good comics too.

Siberian Productions
Most famous for Billy the Demon Slayer, Laocorn's Full Moon Rising was a decent read.

Trinity Comics
Home of the Wraith. Last Sydney con they gave away wriath pens. Frank also loves signing comics (ergo the pens). Checking the Wraith website; there's a wraith dvd, wraith script book, a wraith hardcover novel and of course the wraith comic.

Storm Publishing
Producers of Jaegar a long running series (19 issues!!!), I've never read.

Littlehammer Studio

Producers of Diabla, one of my favourite local comics - so buy them (the early ones have Finch in them). If there is no new issue (i think the last thing they released was a preview of issue 5) please have a crying tantrum on the floor and tell Marcelo that Mark Selan sent you. (Sometimes David Tang shares with Marcelo, so pick up Knee Pockets too)

Geeen Comix
Ben Hutching makes comic gold. All of it, even his bookmarks are genius. Buy everything.

Phatsville Comix
From the weird to the creepy. The individual Phatsville comics are really good, but there's two compliations of work clled Fat Ankle and Plump Oyster. Ones really really good, the other is wierd but ok. I'm not sure which, buy both to be on the safe side.

Dunno. Guessing something anime related.

Shifting Time
Comic based on a webcomic, called Shifting Time.

Bishie Art Group
Dunno. Guessing something bishie related.

Kirsten Ewens
Never heard of her but congratulate her on topping the HSC in Japanese at her school.

Troy Kealley will be offering Something Wicked and possibly his Owen Driver comic (Troy does awesome car smashes). i also believe he's sharing a table with Liz A who will be selling Dreams of Tommorrow (which features me!) that showcases a numer of creators' (and me) dreams of the future (including mine). And he'll probably be selling OzComics magazine too.

Naomi Hatchman

Another new name (but is a very hummable name, naomi hatchman, hmm hmm mmm, naomi hatchman)
Google tells me she's a scifi/horror writer but i'm not sure what she's selling.

"Knightsedge #4 Lau or don't bother turning up". Gary's style has improved since he started his animation course, his storytelling and prowess with different styles has gotten really good. Ask him for a sketch of Goku, he does those really well.

Dunno. Guessing something anime related.

Corner of Awesomeness
Ask Patrick for Cunt, if he has any Cunt to spare. He did Cunt about 4 months ago in 24 hours. The man may have stopped your access to cunt but that's the man's choice. He'll probably also have cookies and the very awesome Raymondo.

Sporadic Comix
I'm not sure if this means there's a new Sporadic. Sporadic was an anthology for Brisbane that came from nowhere but was very impressive. They sell badges as well (badges may not be included)

Amber Campbell
A familar name but nothing i can put my finger on.

Rowan Cassidy

If there's someone who can buy me stuff going to supanova, can they pick this up for me. I'll be ya mate (I'll reimburse you). Or convince them to sell through phasetwo.

I think there's a new Oztaku coming out for the convention - the book has been passed on by Diamond, which is a shame and a bit weird, considering some of the stuff that gets listed at Previews. However from a shaky start, the book gets better every issue, with highlights from Ian T, David Kerr, Wen Huang and David Li.

501st Legion Terror Australis Garrison
Nerds looking for virgins to dress up in plastic (its not as exciting as it sounds).

I don't see Suburban Knights/Foolproof listed, or Crumpleton Experiment's Daniel Reed.
But newly listed is Queenie Chan and Katie Huang selling the excellent Generation anthologies. (awesome - can they be convinced to sell these through phasetwo).


Tonia said...

Thanks for the list Mark - yeah, hope they end up on Phase Two for those of us who won't be their (I'm having a kitchen installed that week so I really would prefer to be at Supanova) If I wangle my morning off next week , so I can go to the printers, I'm hoping the Pirates Anthology will be out around that time too.

Anonymous said...

Hi Mark! Too bad you aren't coming this year, but you've pretty much said things to that effect. I'm sorry, I'm about to write too much.

HPKMC is Matt, myself, Nate Soehardi, Trudy Cooper and Arabel. Our Minions for the Day are Libbie on Saturday and Dan Douglas on Sunday.

I've been pretty quiet about it but the plan is to release Moshi Moshi 12 on top of the other two books, so I'll have three books out for Supanova. This is why I hate four-conventions-in-four-weeks but kinda love it too.

Alex came back ages ago! He's doing the Master of Animation course at UTS (held by Michael Hill) now.

To fill in the anime gaps a little: Anime@UTS and SUAnime are Sydney anime clubs, EGG is the Electronic Gamers' Guild at UTS. New OzTaku looks very shiny - I didn't get a chance to grab it at Manifest but will do so at Animania while I'm panelling there next weekend. The Bishie Art Group is a bunch of Sydney girls drawing pretty boys (well at least one of them is). Queenie Chan is a new addition and Katie Huang should be there selling the excellent Generation anthologies too.

Komala said...

Stupid Blogger. The above was me.

Jase said...

Unfortunately no new Sporadic on the horizon, although fellow Sporadical Jules Faber will be releasing his full colour comic "Golgotha" plus there will be a handful of what we have left of our sporadic issues for sale fromw what I can gather from Jules.I was due to head down but work commitments has me stuck in Brisbane that weekend.

G said...

Hey Mark, cool list and thanks for the kind words! Unfortunately, no Knight-Edge #4 or the Shiranui - Knight-Edge Special I was working on for Supanova Sydney 2005. I'll just be selling Knight-Edge #1-3, a poster and hopefully showing the Knight-Edge trailer. Lots of stuff I wanna get from Artist Alley though!

douglasbot said...

Thats a list and 3/4's!!

Where did you discover Rowan Cassidy?? Lovely work.

Mark Selan said...

Tonia - I've been looking forward to the pirates book. I think my post supanova phasetwo order will be my largest yet.

Komala - Thanks for the extra info. I relaised you guys have a booth - that's awesome! But i can't figure out the 3 books you're releasing; moshi moshi, all the same, and ???

Jase - shame on sporadic not coming out, but if there was a new sporadic for every supanova, it wouldn't be very sporadic would it? Is sporadic going to continue?

Gary - Ohhh, Gaaarrrrrreeeeee. You're making me whine. Well i hope you finish knight edge 4 soon, and don't wait for the next Con because that cliffhanger was a killa.

Doug - Google, son, google

Jase said...

Is sporadic going to continue?

if it does it's guaranteed to be more sporadic then ever...

Komala said...

The other book is Mourning Tea (my 24hr comic), which was out for Manifest.

And yep we have a booth! We're all excited about it too! :D

Owen Heitmann said...


As I've just mentioned on the Pulp Faction forums, Loren Morris will be selling 5031 #1 for me - a mini-comic collecting the first six months' worth of my webcomic.

Loren should also be selling Sarah Milne's The Boy, The Vampire And The Bear (her 24 hour comic), and undoubtedly some of her own wonderful work - but I'm not sure exactly what.

Mr Tang said...

Yep I'm sharing a table with Marcelo Baez again this year. Unfortunately no new comics, but I'll have lots of new Knee Pockets merchandise if you're into that kind of stuff. Badges and wristbands, and hopefully a new poster.

Actually I totally forgot but there will be a new edition of Knee Pockets (no.1) launching at the con. New cover (by the extremely talented Vivienne To), and 3 pages that will replace "Unspoken part 1" (since I decided not to continue it).

Anonymous said...

It's Full Moon... not Full Moon Rising ;)

Nice round of a list though, thanks for the info on the unknowns as well.

- Hayden.

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