Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Comics and Oz

The preview to Witch King looks absolutely gorgeous, the colouring and inkwork sets Abstruse's linework on fire.
(Can someone confirm that the rumour that Paul Abstruse is now living on an island off the coast of Goa having made his fortune from some sort of herbal bubblegum)

Writer, Shane McCarthy was name dropped by some wingnut fellow(slightly harsh, yes but he was awfully excited and longwinded) on JJJ's Jay and the Doctor Morning show.

Ben Templesmith's work on Fell is interesting since it seems a bit different from his normal horror work and the book itself is one of the better reads from Warren Ellis since the early Planteary and Authority days. It's a nice and succinct story, that doesn't feature a grizzled shouty man or a sassy powerful female assistant cliches Ellis seems to rely on and has Templesmith doing a lot of panel to panel sequential art. This book was enjoyed.

David Yardin's always outstanding work can be seen in Black Panther #8 and #9

And i'm still waiting for the Platinum Grit's i bought off ebay to arrive....

I'm bummed out that i'm not going to Supanova because its seems everyone is going to be there and some awesome work is going to launch.


Anonymous said...

What comics are being released at Supanova?

Anonymous said...

well then... COME TO SUPANOVA!!!! Problem solvered. Kai Po!!! Bitch!

Anonymous said...

Sorry, that was me...