Wednesday, July 26, 2006

In Melbourne on Saturday

This coming weeken, 29th of July to be exact a bunch of us from Adelaide will be in Melbourne at Doujicon. We'll probably be arriving friday late afternoon and while we are staying in St Kilda would love to catch up with people for drinks.
If any Melbournites have suggestions - pipe up.

Who will be there? And what will they be selling?

Sarah's got
-Pretty Zombie #1 (which sold out in like 20 minutes at supanova) and maybe #2,
-The Bear (super cute!)
-The Princess and the gypsy (which was in the Top 5 24 hour challenge finalist)
-The Mary comic based on her webcomic (that is no longer on the web)
-And finally Adelaide comic zine Fistful of Comics.

EvilDan is supplying his Camry stationwagon and offering
-Angry Comic Shop Guy #1,2,3
-Timbsy the stereotypical Demon
-plus more

Owen Heitmann is selling
-How to Save the World - its a solid comic, the type of comic that we should be producing more of.
-5031 #1,2,3- The hijinks of shareflat renting, like "pop culture 2 minute noodles" and "he died with a falalfel in his hand" except with less carbs and sex.
-Basic Wage Kids #1 - the premiere isse of his garage band epic.

Benzine - I think Benzine will be selling a comic, it features art from some of Adelaide best artists.

Me - I'll be selling
-OzComics #4,5,6 - -I never sold these much in Melbourne but I've onlt got a few left so be quick.
-SureshotPresent Gothic Boogaloo - 32 pages of Weber's fist fighting, kitty kidnapping, smoking monkey madness
-SureShot Present ORDinary Eyeball - 52 pages of beuatiful comics by Australia's best reality comic creator Mandy Ord

I think we are located near the screenings, but definetly in the Mature section

So come say hello


douglasbot said...

There is a mature section?
Will it be in a back room behind a curtain? Just to, you know, alienate comics from people even more?

And will you be decent?

LFW said...

I hope he won't be wearing that gimp suit again like that time he was bunkin' at my place.

man, that suit just did not fit well.