Thursday, July 06, 2006

DEX Show and poster

A number of brisbane comic creators are exhibiting painted decks; Jase Harper, L. Frank Weber and most of the Phatsville crew.

Its a lovely poster; it shows painted skatedecks, the date and details are huge and it provides the same tag line ("an exhibition of 'lowbrow' art on skateboard decks") twice.
Its clear what this poster is marketing.

Then we have this


The Frase said...

is that "Krang"?

Hayden said...


killeroo said...


Mark Selan said...

i'd like to think i'm more frustrated that catty.
Alot of people will be making an effort going to this - supporting the venture and it would be all for nothing because no-one turns up due to the poster having the details obscured by fanboy wankery. Especially in the light when people mentioned this when they released the first poster.