Friday, November 04, 2005

The Shield - Bush Administration Allegory

Captain Monica Rawling is Dubya Bush. The new captain, there because of politicing. Implements a radical plan to change things around. It started off popular but things turn to shit and she becomes unpopular, her men get attacked while doing their duty. Possibly stupid and easily manipulated.

Vic Mackey is Dick Cheney - Playing both sides of the game for his own needs. Will probably have a heart attack soon.

Councilman David Aceveda is Bill Clinton. The old boss, now interested in having dirty sex with prostitutes and undermining the new administration.

Officer Julien Lowe is Colin Powell. Slightly gay and against the new regime's tactics but carries on because its his duty. Will be a fall guy, shuffled off because of his resistance.

Detective Shane Vendrell is Karl Rove. The guy in the background who is really a bastard and fucks things up.

Officer Danielle "Danny" Sofer is Condaleeza Rice. She loves the new regime and everyone wants to dick her.

Detective Armando Renata is Scooter Lewis Libby. Side kick to asshole Shane. He'll end up dead and the fall guy for Vic's and Shane's bastardry.


douglasbot said...

That actually works up till your last one.

Libby is Cheney's right hand man.

Mark Selan said...

i thought he was rove's right hand man.
I still think he's going to end up dead.

douglasbot said...

Rove is Bush's right hand man. "Bush's Brain" as they call him.

Libby is Cheney's red right hand.

I don't think Libby will end up dead...possibly incarcerated and the wife of a large black man named bubba...but dead? Nah.

Armando Renata on the other hand...DEFINETLY!