Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Ledger Categories 2006

2006 Categories

Peer Vote (popular):

Australian Achievement of the Year
Australian Talent deserving wider recognition
Australian Retailer of the Year
Ledger of Honour

Favourite Comic Book or Graphic Novel (from anywhere: X-Men, Eightball etc)
Favourite International Creator (from anywhere: Grant Morrison, Mike Mignola etc)

Judging Panel Vote:

(All Australian)

Artist of the Year
Writer of the Year
Small Press title of the year
Independent Press title of the year
International Press title of the year
Webcomic or strip of the Year
Story of the year (from an anthology or single issue)
Designer of the Year (letterer, colourist, covers, package, website)

A flyer will be created, that can be downloaded and distributed to comic shops around the country, which will hopefully get people not connected to Australian comics involved and get them interested in local product.

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