Thursday, July 31, 2008

What's been happening?

You know stuff.

  • In april was the Third instantaneous gallery/Auction thing. Attendance was about half Instananeous II and it showed at the prices art was achieving. The most expensive piece sold for $300 which was about half what the most expensive piece sold in December.
  • My own peice sold for $95, which as non-artist, makes me happy.

  • Comikaze happened Queen's birthday weekend. i purposefully kept my fat head out of the way. Last year someone thanked me as an organiser and i didn't correct them. I felt like a massive asshole for claiming glory so this year i played it cool. Though the turn out was not as big as previous years, I think the quality was really strong.
  • I read some incredibly good Austrlian comics. Some good Australian Comics, some decent Australian Comics and some truly horrible shitty Austrlian Comics. I feel rantings will ensue.

  • During the same time, i accidently scratched my cornea which didn't heal. i kept putting off going to the doctor because surely my mutant healing abilities would kick in and fix the problem. Well two weeks of having a weeping eye that starting causing short stabbing pains when i blinked eventually made me go to the doctors.It seems it wouldn't heal because ever time i blinked the cut reopened. I then developed a secondary infection which meant stronger antibiotic drops and about 5 doctor visits. I had to wear a patch - and not a cool one either. It was 4 weeks of not being able to look at anything and focus properly. Not fun, Clarence.

  • It seems like my anxieties and inability to relax properly have caught up with me and I've developed hypertension; which I think is a cool way of saying High Blood Pressure. I'm hyper tense!.

  • I never really played video games obsessively but i got strangely addicted to Mario Kart.
  • I have never liked Science fiction, it always seemed lame. But have started watching Battlestar Galactica and its pretty good (there was a couple of second season episodes that were lame and a really crap boxing episode is season three). Its like the West Wing but with explosions!

  • I'm building outdoor furniture out of metal, stone and wood. Six weekends in and i regret starting.


LFW said...

The fact that you are making outdoor furniture out of such unconventional things is in itself an amazing thing, though I imagine stone chairs would be hard to pull up to the table, lol

glad to see you posting again


Mark Selan said...

I intend to post photos soon. Though making a table is in the books (there's this granite/marble slab i have my eye on at my dad's farm) I'm just doing a bench type seating thing.

The Frase said...

I know the episode of Battle-Star you're talking about... and it is BAD! You'll note that there's also dancing in the ep. Adding dancing to sci-fi shows is a big NO.
See also Firefly.

While the majority of the series is riddled with quite average episodes, overall it's a very entertaining show.

Good to have you back!

Mark Selan said...

Scott - i think episodes that involve flashbacks are quite lame; the one with "Scar" and Apollo floating in space bith were rubbish episodes. but in all with the topics/themes they are using and the overall quality its a good show.

I got to disagree about dancing there are movies that i enjoy because of a dance sequence. The david bowie dance sequence in that Heath Ledger jousting movie makes the movie. I'm embarrased to say but the dance sequence to Fatboy Slim in "She's the one" (i think that's the title - ugly duckling teen movie) also makes the movie. And Duckie dancing in Pretty in Pink is awesome.

So Firefly and Serentity are pure rubbish dancing or not.