Thursday, July 31, 2008

Ahem.... tap tap tap

Its been about four months since I've blogged. Its been a mixed bag of being to busy to blog and not having anything to blog about. Though I'm going to try really hard to post something regularly.

I'll start slow....

Like i went to see the breeders play last night and beside the douche who decided to relive 1995 and start slam dance it was really solid gig. I also couldn't stop thinking the the Deal Sisters would be the perfect (ie hottest and coolest) tuckshop ladies at Rock 'n Roll Highschool.

A High School where Iggy Pop is the gym teacher, Thurston Moore teaches Calculus and David Bowie is Vice Principal.


Anthony Woodward said...

That's happened o me at a concert before. What i hate even more is when the rabid fan thinks they can out sing the band, like I want to hear their crappy version, I'm there to hear the band.
Rock'n'Roll highschool would make an awesome comic!

Mark Selan said...

I was at a Lucksmiths concert and this tiresome girlfriend started seranading her boyfriend at the top her lungs. Ruined the whole show.