Thursday, March 08, 2007

not whining but wining

Because my work has been excruciably and soul shrivelling awful after finally realising that yes, i work for incapable and incompentent, complete and utter failures of management I've been trying to enjoy the finer and smaller things in life. Like wine. I've comtemplated starting a wine blog, mainly for my own use so i can keep track of what i've tasted and liked.

Lately i've been interested in small wineries who make small batches of wine, family run affairs that either are following a tradition or having a sea change. Something romantic about it, one of the last bastions of family legacy, skills handed down through generations.

There's something very similar to making wine and making comics. Wine starts organic, like the seeds of a story. it grows and its impacted by the soil, the weather and the hands of the farmer, just like a story is bound by the experiences, learnings and personality of its creators. The flavour of the grape is a rarely consistent and you never know how its going to end up. There's an artistic aspect, using creativity and technical knowledge to get the best out of the grape, to either wrangle it to taste like a preconcieved notion, or better yet, to highlight a vintages particular strengths.

A good wine can be enjoyed whilst being drunk alone but tasting in a group is great -so you can deconstruct it, compare it and savour it with others and more importantly get drunk with friends. Just like i like talking comics even more than i like reading them.

wine and comics both rock

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LFW said...

Being Drunk with friends, you're seen as social.

Being drunk alone, you're seen as having problems, ha ha.

You should start a wine blog though, just because your opinion is worth a lot more. Mine is non-existant :)


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