Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Don't make me choose

My spies point out the top of the Armaggedon Pulp Expo website - note the Sydney dates and location, October the same weekend as Supanova

this will be fun to watch - and competition does make us stronger.

As someone with goods to sell in Artist Alley, i'll be heading to where ever has the best deal for AA tables and best comic guests.


Anonymous said...

Hmm, I dunno, Fox studios venue versus some hall out no-where.

damn, so hard to choose

Mark Selan said...

Whoever has Jim Lee has my heart

Anonymous said...

Also, from the Armageddon forums: "At this stage, we are proceeding with the Sydney event and have plans for an accompanying show in April 2008 in Melbourne"

Ouch for Supa. Them's fightin' words...


Ive said...

Oh man, that means there's two comic events I can't get to!

Mark Selan said...

Andy - i want to stand by the handball court and yell "Fight! Fight! Fight!" and then go get a Sunnyboy.

Ive - There's always Melbourne. My spy (the Fig) mentions that Adam West will be a guest in Sydney, he was TV's batman you know.