Wednesday, February 28, 2007

What's the opposite of continental?

We had a bbq last weekend which went pretty well.

Before i get all neurotic, let me preface

  • I'm not a hello kisser/hugger amongst friends, i prefer a cross-gendered handshake.
  • Amongst the ethnic family, the kissing hello is fine, even amongst fellows but its always the double cheeked version.

So, at social occassions, many of Em's friends will go the hug hello, which is fine - i'm an amazingly handsome man and they are only human. Of course they want hugs from me, its not them being polite at all. Even though I'm reticent, its hard to divert when open arms are flung your way, so cool I'll lean in and reciprocate.

recently, i've started weirding myself out, i'll automatically throw a kiss on the cheek and then expect to swing heads and put the second kiss on the other cheek - continental style. Only the problem is that, they've broken off the hug and left me hanging with one kiss hanging there.

Should I feel weird? To me a single kiss is affectionate, while continental kissing is more of a pleasantry. i don't want to come across as some sort of creepy husband feeling up his wife's friends (i'm more of an ogler than a fondler). Are they weirded out by the single kiss?

I think i might just try an weasle my way out of the situation and just have a shirt stained with my own vomit or possibly just go topless thereby scarying girls from wanting to hug me in the first place.


Anonymous said...

Just come out already. We won't judge you man.

Anonymous said...

When we finally meet...? I'm so gonna hug you until you freak out and shoot someone. ;P


Mark Selan said...

anon - no, unlike you, i'm not gay for anonymous men at truckstops.

mags - must. resist. joke. about. shooting. loads....
cool then we can dance to pop music

Daren White said...

I avoided this for years but eventually we all age, marry and conform. Before you know it you'll look fat in every photo and stop liking young people's music. Not because its too loud but rather that you don't understand it...

Owen Heitmann said...

The opposite of continental is incontinent... is that what you were alluding to?

Mark Selan said...

Daren - Well the music of today isn't a patch on what i listened to when i was younger. i'm still cool right?

Owen - that stinks