Sunday, February 25, 2007

ozComics Memories

Apparently in 30 something days is coming back. On an unrelated note i was looking for an old ozcomics discussion about manga art and discovered a bunch of old threads, it reminded how funny and smart some of the threads were -

Rant a go go - probably the longest thread on ozcomics, of course it had nothing to do with comics.

Saddam gets captured - this thread had it all, wittiness, fights, me having to lay down the law, smartness and no discussion of australian comics (there's a companion piece as well)

And what everyone liked about 2003 (holgate liked Powderfinger!)


Daren White said...

I must have been busy at that time becasue I can't remember any of that. Who was that Cole geezer?

And did you admit to being the ****** ***** (gasp!)?

douglas said...

I think your last link is the same as your link before it. Nowhere is there mention of my love of "the finger".

Also - fuck i sound like a right tosser. What a load of nonsense. Boy am i glad THAT all got burned into the internets memory.

Mark Selan said...

Cole is an inker who did some stuff with Cult Fiction Comics, he's very tall and comes across as the type of fellow who buys gun magazines and listens to death metal.

And also, i think you are refering to my list of April Fools news items that i would post on the new Ozcomics website. So i'm not admitting anything - i do have my suspicions on who the comics robot is.....

And whoop wrong link, i'll post some more memories later. Reading some of those old threads just reminds me how funny you are mr Holgate, when you are not the bitter twsited cumedgon.

LFW said...

Hang on, you mean I am no longer the bitter twisted curmudgeon? ha ha.

Ozcomics is BACK?...yet AGAIN? man, that damn zombie just won't die. Pulp faction is a lot better I think, better colour design at any rate, all that orange made my eyes bleed.

Don't feel too bad doug, we've all said stupid things in the past, but it's always funny reading the comments years later, they're kinda funny (and I like powderfinger too, but just because I am a Brisbane boy and support local bands that have done good).

And awsomely I and one other seem to be the only ones who know who the comics robot was/is, but it doesn't really seem to matter anyway these days, it was all in the past and nobody in the general public actually knew or cared, they just went about their lives like normal, ha ha.


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