Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Supanova Sydney - Part 1

I'm actually still trying to get over Supanova, having brought back a cold which has made me a snivelling, flemming, spluttering fool.
I never intended to do a full on report and with the amount of stuff that happened I'd probably be writing till Supanova Brisbane. So I'm just doing lists, facts and highlights

People who I travelled with and their Xmen identity
Clare - Marvel Girl because she can do things with her mind like get beers brought to her
Dan - Cyclops mainly because it doesn't take much for him to pull out the one-eye. Madman.
Lucas - Beast because he's a doctor (as in Dr House) and hairy (and quite the beast ladies)
Sarah - Angel because she's very flighty
I'm Iceman because i work better with moisture.

Phrases that were often repeated
'Lucas with the Lid off'
'Remember when I...' - Dan would continually repeat this and then tell a story. At times i expected him to start refering to himself in the 3rd person. Every story would end with me saying "Yes Dan, I was there"
'shoot your face off' - a hangover from Doujicon
'Fucking Bitch' - Usually muttered by Holgate when a con goer worked away empty handed after being pitched at. The worse case was one would-be attenedee who chatted with Doug for at least 15 minutess getting a tonne of tips and advices who then walked off.

People who did sketches for me
ryan wilton
chris wahl
doug holgate
komala singh
matt g
(I'm not sure why i got so many adelaide people to do sketches when i could be getting people who i don't see regularly to draw for me, oh that's right I'm stupid)

People who was too afraid to talk to
Queenie Chan
Craig Phillips

People I didn't recognise
Drew from Adelaide - Even though i've drunk with him a couple of times I had no idea who he was when he said "Hi Mark". It took a "He's from Adelaide Mark" from Sarah to recognise him.
Jeremy MacPherson - Even though I met him once ages ago, he's dropped weight and looks good.
Sally Woeller

Sureshot Presents Galvanting Tales by D Holgate - 71
Sureshot PResents Ordinary Eyeball - 29
Sureshot Presents Gothic Boogaloo - 25
Vs - 25 (but i gave a shitload away)
Basic Wage Kids #1 - 7
Basic Wage Kids #2 - 10
How to Save the World - 3
Tales from under the Bed - 15
Dreams of Tomorrow - 5

People I told who came looking for Doug he was doing a poo


Cactus said...

That was Craig Phillips there with Marcelo on sunday? Fuck!
I feel like a twit asking you guys who people time.

G said...

Oops, I posted this comment on LJ, but here it is again:

Hey Mark, great to catch up with you this year, especially at least have some drinks and shooting the shit on Sunday night at Alex's and also have you and Doug as awesome neighbours!

I wanted to bring my copy of Dreaming for Queenie Chan to sign, but I chickened out in packing it.

Like I've mentioned to you before, your salesmanship is actually quite awesome, those sales numbers are just fantastic!!

Cactus: Craig Phillips was only there on Saturday with Marcelo. The guy on Sunday was named Sam.

omgsquee said...

it wuz teh oarsum u r gr8 nd i wub u yay!

But next time I vote we find us some locals to show us around the COOL parts of the city. Irish pubs, even if they are full of bubble toys, just don't cut it.