Friday, November 24, 2006

Mark's satorial tips

I've been wearing my new suit and i feel so swanky and awesome.
because i like wearing suits, i look the best (ie least goofy) decked out in jacket and pants.
Some general tips

  • Don't buy off the rack. Suits off the rack are only designed for male models, you most likely are not a male model. Buy from a place that alters the suits (or makes them from scratch), they'll alter the suit to make you look good, no matter if you have monkeys arms, or a belly, ot fat neck (ie me, all of the above). Spend a couple of hundred dollars on making it fit so it doesn;t look like you are wearing a sack.
  • Get two pairs of pants. Pants wear out much faster than suitcoats, so you extend the life of the suit with extra pants.
  • You have to have a navy blue suit. You can rock the navy blue anytime, from weddings, to interviews to funerals. Buying a black suit will not make you a reservior dog, it will make you look like you work as a waiter or at woolies. If you only buy one suit make it dark navy blue, made out of wool because you can't go wrong.
  • Don't worry about fashion. Get classic stylish suits, a good tailor will know how long the sleeves are supposed to be, how wide the shoulders, etc. Sure jackets are cut shorter now, but in 3 years time you'll look dated.
  • Get 3 button suits before you branch out into 2 button suits. 1,4 and 5 button suits look boy-band ridiculous. And doesn't matter how many buttons you have, never button the bottom one, its like wearing a hat in a restuarant.
  • Don't use the jacket side pockets. Ther are usually sown shut, keep them that way, it keeps better shape.
  • Dryclean only once a year. Drycleaning more makes the material look shiny and decreases the life of the suit. Just let the thing hang and air, maybe get it steamed and pressed.
  • biggest tip, get to know your suit guy. he won't love you the first or second time, but after awhile he'll warm up and see you as an investement. my guy is awesome, he's turkish but spent a number of years in london. For the wedding he's doing half a dozen suits for less than half price because according to him 1) He'll earn the money back from me in the future 2) he likes it when young guys buy and wear his suits because its good publicity. I don't have to chose anymore, he makes all the decisions and he's always right. "When i find a double-breatsed suit with a good cut, that's your next suit".


practicecactus said...

For my next court appearance, I'm gonna look shit hot!!

Mark Selan said...

only if you shave that monstrosity you wear on your chin

Anonymous said...

I totally agree with every point you've made, Mark!

Although, I love my default black suit more than my dark navy blue. I think the trick is in picking the right tie for the occasion.

practicecactus said...

See, now when you say 'monstrosity', that just makes me wanna keep it all the more.
Eat me middle-management man.

Mark Selan said...

Gary - if its pinstripe or really really fitted then i'll let if fly. or if you are james bond on a mission after 6pm. otherwise - no.

Steve - well whilst i'm offered at the request of eating you, if you shaved it off you might a proper girl to fulfil that request, but still thanks for thinking of me.