Tuesday, October 24, 2006

SureShot and I (and doug) rock

Two thinks, I went for my third fitting on my new suits (one for marriage, the other for work) and i look totally hot.

Secondly, I picked up SureShot Presents Doug Holgate and VS#1 and they, believe it or not, are even hotter!
(moreso the former)


Tonia said...

Are we getting photos? (either or both the suits or comics, I'm not fussy)

The Frase said...


We demand photo's/images of this TRIPLE HOTNESS ACTION!!

(Looking fwd to getting my hands on them- I should give doug a list of books I want him to pick up for me!)

Mark Selan said...

sorry no photos, but I'm sending you a package Tonia (with comics)

Scott- and of course sureshot will be on that list